School Innovation Competition

School Innovation Competition

Α panhellenic action of the “Accessibility and Support of Individuals with Disabilities Laboratory”.

We will organize a panhellenic competition for high school students, in which students will be invited to submit innovative ideas regarding the support and improvement of quality life of their classmates with disabilities, both in school settings and in general.  We strongly believe in the positive impact of this action, both on students with disabilities and the students themselves who will participate as contestants.

Professors from universities across the country, specializing in disability and education, will participate in the Evaluation Committee of the proposals submitted by the students. This committee will gradually include Greek Professors working in universities abroad (expatriates). In addition, industrialists’ associations, IT companies, chambers, companies, etc. will participate in the Committee.

The Committee will provide, in addition to the evaluation, feedback to students giving them knowledge and guidance in order to shape their proposals. For this purpose, before the submission of students’ final proposals, both the members of the Committee and the students will participate in online discussions, which will take place in various development phases of their proposals.

In addition, both the members of the Laboratory and the members of the Committee will provide support to the individuals (or groups) to be awarded, in order to be able to further develop their plans and possibly transform them into commercial products, start-ups and/or patents.

Our goal is this action to be established and repeated on an annual basis, with a future perspective of internationalization.