Multimodal museums …

Multimodal museums and monuments of cultural heritage for individuals with impairments

The main objective of the research is to facilitate access of individuals with blindness to museum artefacts, exhibitions and monuments of cultural heritage (CULT-objects). Moreover, the research aims at examining the extent to which the multimodal approach (concurrent use of touch, hearing and vision) could support and/or intensify the perception of CULT-objects for other groups of individuals with disabilities (learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities and high functioning autism), as well as for individuals without any impairments. In particular, the aim of the research is to develop, for the first time, methods, norms, specifications and guidelines to ensure successful perception, interaction and understanding of CULT-objects, utilizing haptic devices (e.g., haptic feedback gloves and haptic feedback devices) or multimodal systems based on haptic devices as well.

Research Coordinator: Prof. Konstantinos Papadopoulos