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Digital Education for Secondary Education Students with Disabilities: Development of Accessible Materials

The research aims at improving the inclusion of Students with Disabilities (i.e. visual, hearing, mobility/physical impairments, learning disabilities) in secondary education school units. The research will provide the means to teachers και support them to develop competences in order to minimise the differences in relation to the access of Students with Disabilities in the educational material. The research will address the needs of Students with Disabilities in accessible educational material in different subjects of secondary education and will promote solutions on the accessibility issues these students are facing in regard to educational resources and educational material to be used in Distance Education (DE) in particular. Moreover, the research will address the existing knowledge and experience of school teachers in relation to various forms of accessible materials, and determine the training needs of teachers in order to be able to provide accessible educational materials and distance education to their students.

Research Coordinator: Prof. Konstantinos Papadopoulos