Promotion of Social Support Interventions

Promotion of Social Support Interventions ...

Leader: University of Macedonia

Project Coordinator: Dr. Konstantinos Papadopoulos



Promotion of Social Support Interventions for the Students of University of Macedonia

The University of Macedonia has at its disposal an Accessibility Unit with the aim of meeting the needs of students with disabilities more effectively.

The basic needs or requirements of students with disabilities are:

  • access to University premises;
  • access to educational material (printed and electronic);
  • access to lectures/lessons and access to slides/projections in the classroom;
  • note-taking facilities;
  • access to written examinations;
  • access to the content of announcements (course syllabus, course announcements, examination results, etc.);
  • access to programs enabling various activities (conferences, student assemblies, artistic and sports events, etc.);
  • access to information related to the provision of services by the university;
    access to interpersonal communication with teaching, technical and administrative staff

The Accessibility Unit of the University of Macedonia aims essentially at ensuring equal access for students with different abilities and requirements to academic studies and their equal and unrestricted participation in the academic community “life" and the individual actions taking place within the context of their studies. To achieve this goal, the Accessibility Unit of the University of Macedonia will systematically provide the following services:

  1. Recording the needs of students with disabilities;
  2. Monitoring and improving accessibility to university premises;
  3. Online accessibility;
  4. Production of accessible textbooks;
  5. Transportation for students with disabilities;
  6. Training and support for teachers- counsellors of students with disabilities, and department secretariat employees;
  7. Supporting entrepreneurship for students with disabilities and/or special needs as well as  business plans towards the development of products and services for people with disabilities and/or special educational needs.