Force Feedback Device Virtuose 6D

Haption Virtuose 6D

The Haption Virtuose 6D is a haptic device with a large workspace and strong force-feedback on all 6 degrees-of-freedom and an operational workspace corresponding to the human arm/shoulder movements.

The user takes hold of the haptic device using a gripper or handle placed at the tip (called “end-effector”). The end-effector is easy to be removed and replaced. The gripping tool is equipped with three push-buttons that can be accessed through the VirtuoseAPI.

Haption Virtuose 6D can be used for Industrial simulation, Medical training, Virtual Reality applications.

Product Key Features

Maximum force (translation): From 35N
Continuous force (translation): From 9.5N
Maximum torque (rotation): From 3.1 N.m
Continuous torque (rotation): From 1 N.m
Maximum control stiffness (translation): From 1800 N/m to 8000N/m
Maximum control stiffness (rotation): 30 N.m/rad
Weight balancing: Static (mechanical, with springs)
Number of buttons: 3 buttons of which 2 are programmable (1 clutch, 2 application-specific)
Replaceable handle: Removable handle, equipped with programmable buttons and a proximity sensor connected to a dead-man function
Communication: Ethernet/UDP