Force Feedback Device Touch X

Geomagic Touch X (formerly Sensable Phantom Desktop)
Geomagic Touch X is a haptic device that provides a desktop solution ideal for professionals and researchers who perform certain types of haptic research. The Touch X provides precise positioning input and high-fidelity force-feedback output.

For 3D modeling and design, surgical training, virtual assembly and other procedures that require a higher degree of precision, Touch X is an easy-to-use, affordable option.

Product Identifiers
Brand:     Geomagic (formerly Sensable)

Model:    Touch X (formerly Phantom Desktop)

Product Key Features
6-degree-of-freedom (DOF) positional sensing
3-degree-of-freedom (DOF) force feedback
Automatic workspace calibration
One integrated stylus switch
Force feedback workspace: 160 W x 120 H x 120 D mm
Weight (device only): 3.257 kg
Range of motion: Hand movement pivoting at wrist
Maximum exertable force: at nominal (orthogonal arms) position 7.9 N
Continuous exertable force: (24 hrs.) 1.75 N

–    X axis > 1.86 N / mm.
–    Y axis > 2.35 N / mm.
–    Z axis > 1.48 N / mm.
Force feedback: x, y, z
Position sensing: Stylus gimbal