Stereo Michophone

Telinga Stereo Dat Parabolic Mic with Pro 8W Handle and 1mm Flexible dish

The bundle includes stereo DAT microphone, a pistol grip handle, cable, 22" clear parabolic dish, shockmount & windscreen, Tripod mountable.
Units can be provided separately or bundled.

Microphone: Telinga Stereo Dat Parabolic Mic
High performance, low noise microphone for digital recording which provides both a mono signal of the focused sound and a stereo picture of the ambience with a “soft" high and a “big" and transparent mid and low.
It can be used with a parabolic dish and without a parabolic dish as a good multi-purpose stereo microphone.

Product Key Features
Frequency range: 60-18.000 kHz without bass-filter.
Inherent Noise Level: < 12 dBA.
Compatibility with solid state flash memory recorders, DAT and Mini-Disc recorders.
Excellent handling and wind noise

Handle: Telinga Pro 8W Handle

The handle comes with a 3,5 mm minijack to be used with smaller recorders such as MP3/WAV recorders (without Phantom Power). Together with the Stereo Dat Mic it offers the best quality, lowest noise and utmost flexibility for the professional recordist wishing to connect to a recorder without XLR-inputs / 48v phantom power.
Powered by an on-board re-chargeable 7,2v Ni-mHy accumulator.

Parabolic Dish: Telinga Parabolic dish

Virtually unbreakable even in very tough field conditions. It is a flexible and foldable parbolic dish which it will withstand crushing and can still be bounced back out to it ́s precious shape.

Product Key Features
Made of 1.2 mm unbreakable polycarbonate, flexible and foldable.
Diameter: 580mm (23 inches)
Rolls into a cigar-shape approx. 150 mm diameter.
Temperature range: – 50C to + 100 C degrees (Celsius).
Weight: approx. 350 grams